Mohammad al-Rabeah


They hate the victim, and exonerate the culprit, simply because the victim’s death is loud and discomforting! They do not mind his death, what bothers them is that he was insolent enough to dare to make a noise as he passes away!

Mohammad is an author, activist, and a supporter of women’s rights campaigns. He started a literary salon for young men & women in Riyadh called Tawasul, where he hosted lectures discussing, among other things, human rights, democracy, feminism, philosophy, and Islamophobia.

He has been an active supporter of both the My Right, My Dignity and the I am My Own Guardian campaigns. He was active in pro-Palestinian advocacy and an outspoken critic of xenophobia in the country. He contributed to an anthology titled On the Meaning of Arabism: Concepts and Challenges that dealt with similar issues.

He was previously harassed by the authorities for his support of the women’s driving campaign, and was detained in the latest arrest wave.