Eman al-Nafjan

imanalnI take pride in my Islamic culture, my Najdi roots, and my homeland Saudi Arabia. My only pursuit is to fearlessly tell the truth when I can, and demand the right of the Saudi woman to be treated as an adult rather than being treated as a minor whose guardian can take away her rights as he pleases.

Eman is an assistant professor of linguistics and mother of four, including a toddler. She runs one of the first English blogs on Saudi Arabia. She describes the Saudiwoman blog as an effort to counter the many non-Saudis and non-Arabs “out there giving ‘expert’ opinions on life and culture” in the kingdom.

Al-Nafjan has protested the driving ban, including publicly driving in the capital, Riyadh, in 2013 as part of a campaign launched by women’s rights activists. She has worked closely with al-Yousef and other women’s rights activists to help domestic abuse victims and bring attention to repressive guardianship laws.

In recent years, she has been cautious about voicing her opinion on Twitter out of concern over a growing crackdown on rights advocates. She was among dozens of women who were warned by the royal court last year to stop speaking with the press or voicing opinions online.

Sources: AP News